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Tired of Waking Up 7 Times a Night to Pee?

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Tired of Waking Up 7 Times a Night to Pee?

Picture this:

You’re lying in bed. But you’re frustrated because you need to pee.

You look at the clock and it reads 12:14 AM. 


So up you get to go to the bathroom

But not long after you’ve gone back to sleep, you wake up again.

Double grrrr.

The clock reads 2:49 am. Up you get…

But this time when you get back to bed, your wife is awake. She asks if you’re okay.

“Yep,” you say. “I thought I had to pee, but I couldn’t”.

So you go to sleep…


You wake up again

This time it’s 4:07am. 

Like before, you head to the bathroom. And, once again, your wife wakes up. Heck, she wakes up multiple times per night because you’re waking up so much. 

It’s starting to bug her.

Anyway, when you eventually wake up in the morning, your wife says, “You need to do something...we can’t keep waking up at all hours of the night!”

So you make a phone call to the doctor. 

But when you head to his office, he tells you it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s normal for men to experience these symptoms. 

Why Men May Experience Nagging Prostate Symptoms


There’s a lot of misinformation on the internet. So let me share what’s likely happening…

As we age, our hormones change. Those changes can result in less than optimal prostate health. 

Scientists believe the male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) may encourage the cells of the prostate gland to grow.

Here’s how it works:

The enzyme 5-α-reductase converts testosterone into DHT.

Therefore, if you can block the 5-α-reductase enzyme, you can limit DHT and improve prostate health and reduce symptoms. 

Perhaps the best 5-AR inhibitor we’ve found is extremely popular in Europe, and it’s widely prescribed by Urologists there for prostate health/symptom relief. 

Serenoa Repens (SR) oil in its pure refined state, has been scientifically shown to block 5-alpha-R effectively.

However, 50% of SR on the market is either counterfeit/fake or poor quality and ineffective.

But good news:

ASR has the only SR oil whose purity and composition has been patented and laboratory-verified, which gives it the best 5-AR blocking power!

This pure, powerful SR oil is found in every bottle of ASR’s Prostadyne.

Why Is Serenoa Repens Effective?


Serenoa Repens is the fancy name for Saw Palmetto (SP). Most guys have heard of SP. They’ve maybe even tried it. But this SP is very different than most of what’s available in the US and what most men have tried before.

ASR’s Saw Palmetto was developed by some of the top doctors, biochemists, and botanical extraction experts in the US.

Through years of research and development, they produced a SP extract that is nearly identical in composition and micronutrients to what’s used in Europe. 

That extract is in every capsule of Prostadyne and the clinically studied dose of 320mg.

Using the clinical dose of the SP extract is VERY important in order to know you’re getting the 5AR-blocking power demonstrated in the clinical studies.

Prostadyne also includes Lycopene, Cranberol®, and pumpkin seed extract to make a very impressive Prostate relief product. 

And there’s no prescription needed!

The feedback from men has been outstanding, and results are fully guaranteed so you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. 

If you are interested in finally getting relief and protecting your prostate health, this is a great way to do it. 

If you’re tired of not sleeping through the night and always having to go (but then can’t), don't wait. 

The longer you go without addressing your prostate health, the harder it can be to get back to where you want to be. 

Additionally, due to recent media exposure, inventory is low.  And with the rigorous raw-material and manufacturing standards followed to product Prostadyne, inventory takes 14-16 weeks to replenish. 

Act now to get access to current pricing and fully guaranteed results. 

Go here to learn more about Prostadyne.

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