Better still – it doesn’t require a prescription in the U.S. and it delivers results without the negative side effects seen in many popular treatment options!

Fair warning… this story is awkward, mildly graphic, and definitely embarrassing. 😳

“I’ve been getting up to pee alot at night so the wife convinced me to schedule an appointment. "No worries," I said, "Except for my current pee-problems, I am a picture of perfect health."

The old ball-and-chain muttered something under her breath which I didn't quite catch - it was either "fat bastard" or "fit bar-steward" but she wouldn't repeat it.

I'll go with the bar-steward one because I have been known to frequent drinking establishments from time to time.

So anyway, I hopped in the ole Buick the next Monday and headed into town for the appointment. The receptionist told me the doctor was running a bit late - some old fella had swallowed his dentures or something.

So I ended up sitting around in the waiting room for about an hour and a half flipping through old copies of Reader's Digest, Horse & Country and Farmers Weekly.

Now, at some point, my colon got sick and tired of waiting around and started fidgeting - rapidly breaking down the bacon and eggs I'd had for breakfast. Man, traffic was getting seriously backed up at the main street exit, if you know what I mean.

So, I'm sitting there thinking to myself, "Crap (pun intended), I’ll have to hold myself down for this one," and while working out a plausible excuse to hit the bathroom for a few minutes, the receptionist said I was up.

There was no escape so I did the old ‘reverse swallowing trick’, which is well-known to fellas like me who are prone to the odd bum-burp here and there.

This is where things get really interesting…

See, most doctors are old, smell of Old Spice and piss, and they're partial to a power nap. Yeah, so this new doc is not like that at all.

She is in her thirties and pretty in a sort of Dr-Quinn-Medicine-Woman kind of way. She's been awesome for the health of our little town because the fellas now drag the kids off to the doc at the slightest sniffle.

So I went into the consulting room and the doctor asked if I'd like a male doc to perform the exam. "Odd," I thought, but anyway, I didn’t feel like waiting any longer so I said no.

So we did the pulse thing, and the ears, eyes, throat thing, blow in this tube, stand on the scale, blah-blah-blah. Then she asked if I would undress to my underwear and lie on the bench as she needed to check for hernias and testicular cancer.


Things began to get very tricky as she was doing her checks extremely thoroughly - I was frantically trying to sing the national anthem backwards to myself whilst mentally yelling at my downstairs "DON'T YOU FRIGGIN MOVE!"

Let’s just say I ignored myself. I tried to stumble through an explanation... she just gave me an "I've seen it all before, don't you worry" smile, and patted me on my shoulder...

And then she told me it was time for the prostate exam exam...

Lower your briefs and lie on your side.” "Odd" I thought again but only briefly as I was trying to tuck my errant old fella away out of sight.

So I was lying there still smarting from embarrassment when suddenly it felt like the doctor rammed a log of firewood up my nethers.

"A bit taken aback" is probably the politest way of describing my reaction, but she persisted, rummaging around like Santa searching his bag for a present.

I swear at one point she might have been in up to her elbow. If this wasn't enough, the bacon, eggs and my overactive metabolism came back to haunt me.

Yep. I farted long and hard, and holy $&%!, it smelled like it came from the deepest depth of Satan's own backside.

I can quite comfortably say that the embarrassment of becoming aroused during a hernia and testicular exam pales in comparison to farting in a hot doctor’s face!

Oh, and I saw the receptionist in the supermarket a month after the exam and she was laughing uncontrollably and pretending she had read something amusing on the back of a cereal box. "Yeah, right.

Most men don’t have to go through this level of embarrassment.

But just like this guy, they are looking for real relief from embarrassing and nagging prostate symptoms.

The good news is this story led to a bona-fide prostate health breakthrough for men. One that has men experiencing impressive improvements... They’re getting up less at night and reducing dribbling, urgency, and poor stream. All without the nasty side-effects some treatment options have.


Here’s what happened

I sent that story to my dad the other day.

Of course, he thought it was hilarious. But I was surprised when he also said that prostate issues are no joke.

Truth is, I never realized how bad life could be for someone with prostate problems until my dad opened up to me about it…

The waking up multiple times per night with the urge to relieve himself...

The embarrassment of running to the restroom in public, making sure he got there before he peed his pants…

And the standing around for two, five, even ten minutes while he waited for his bladder to empty.

It sounded like a living hell.

He even told me that everytime he went to the bathroom, it felt as though a knife was stabbing him through the back as he pushed to try to get his stream out.

The helplessness in his voice was impossible to miss.

3 made no difference at all.

1 made symptoms worse, and 1 provided minimal relief for a couple days.

Then he went right back to his previous issues.

mike and fam

Mike is an Air Force veteran and one of the owners of AS Research Labs. He started the company with a simple mission: Help people suffering from the effects of aging live with maximum vitality through cutting-edge science-based education and products.

LUTS is the scientific term that includes getting up to pee at night and problems urinating like:

Poor and/or intermittent stream
Feeling of incomplete bladder emptying
Urge incontinence

This confused us.

I mean, if Saw Palmetto was so effective at fighting nagging prostate symptoms as all the studies suggested... 

Then surely every supplement containing Saw Palmetto would be great, right?


In fact, so many of those supplements simply weren’t effective.

The question was... 


Demand has grown bigger than the available supply.  

The result has been counterfeit and adulterated Saw Palmetto being used in many of the supplements on the market today... 

Often coming from China and India where the plant can’t even grow successfully! 

This sounded too crazy to be true. 

Surely this couldn’t really be happening?  

So we partnered with a lab to test some popular Saw Palmetto pills… 

And after reviewing the results for over 70 products, we were shocked to find that roughly 50% of them contained counterfeit or adulterated Saw Palmetto! 

Maybe the companies selling these products know about it…  

Maybe they don’t… 

Either way, men all over America lose out because the products don’t work and Saw Palmetto gets an unfair bad rap. 


It’s this lipid extract that has been shown to help men...

Get up less at night, so they wake up feeling refreshed and full of energy…
Experience even more amazing relationships with their partners since they won’t be waking up so much, meaning their partners can enjoy undisturbed sleep…
Protect their bedroom performance, since there is a strong link between LUTS and erectile dysfunction…
Feeling of incomplete bladder emptying...
Reduce painful urination...
Worry less about always knowing where the nearest restroom is, so they can enjoy days out with friends and family without feeling embarrassed about always having to go…

Don’t let familiarity with Saw Palmetto fool you… this version of the extract is unique enough to be protected by U.S. and International patents. It’s also verified by the uber-strict US Pharmacopeia’s “Dietary Ingredient Verification Program.”


Of course, all that’s great but men like my dad have heard fancy words before. What they really want is for a company to cut the crap and actually offer a product that can deliver...

“It’s getting’s actually getting better! I can’t believe how much better I’m sleeping. This stuff actually works! I believed you when you said it worked, but honestly, I’ve tried so many pills that claimed to be the best solution ever, I didn’t know if it would work for me…’ ”

Of course, that's just one example. But learning about my dad and how huge this problem is caused us to set a goal of helping 100,000 men get relief from Prostate symptoms.

This Is How Men Get Bonafide Prostate Symptom Relief...

The final formulation is called “Prostadyne,” and there are 9 Main Reasons why it’s so different than the dime-a-dozen prostate pills out there that rarely help men…

1. The first reason Prostadyne is better than most other prostate pills is a reason I’ve already told you about...

The main active ingredient in Prostadyne has been clinically tested many times over...

As I mentioned before, a meta-analysis of studies confirms Prostadyne’s Saw Palmetto lipid extract can help men with Lower Urinay Tract Symptoms (LUTS) without sacrificing bedroom performance.

2. Prostadyne’s Saw Palmetto is tested and found to be almost exactly like the pharmaceutical-grade extract prescribed by Urologists in Europe...

Lab testing confirms it is nearly identical…

Except we don’t use Hexane, which is a solvent.

Since it’s a prescription in Europe, it’s regulated in a very different way…

Quality control, testing and efficacy are much higher in Europe than supplements in the U.S.

So you’ll be delighted to know the same is true for the quality and consistency of Prostadyne.

In fact...

3. Prostadyne’s unique Saw Palmetto extract passed the United States Pharmacopeia’s (USP) voluntary and rigorous Dietary Ingredient Verification Program (DIVP)...

This confirms you get the highest quality extract capable of boosting your prostate health. We test every batch in the lab to confirm it has the composition you need in order to get results.

4. Our patented Deep extract technology gives our oils a composition and micronutrients not found in other oils...

In fact, the technology that goes into producing Prostadyne’s Saw Palmetto is protected by two main patents: use and composition (#6,669,968 and #6,319,524).

5. Prostadyne uses a revolutionary capsule-in-capsule technology that keeps key ingredients separate until they hit the part of your digestive tract where they are best absorbed.

This is critical because genuine Saw Palmetto is a Free Fatty Acid..

And the acid can cancel out the other ingredients in the formula!

(I’ll reveal what these special ingredients are in just a second.)

That’s why it’s vital we separate the ingredients - to ensure you actually benefit from them.

Other companies are NOT doing this…

But they should be.

6. It also contains Cranberol®, which is a cranberry seed extract…

This is different from the cranberry used for UTIs.

It is a specialized extract of cranberry seed containing Omega-3’s and a high concentration of phytosterols, which help fight BPH (enlarged prostate).

In fact, the phytosterol levels in Cranberol® are ten times higher than levels found in saw palmetto.

Cranberol® also contains more than 80% essential fatty acids and the highest levels of tocopherols and tocotrienols from any botanical source.

7. It also contains Lycopene, Pumpkin Seed Extract and Olive Extract...

These ingredients are also believed to be powerful prostate-health boosters.

Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that acts like a watchdog for your prostate.

It can clobber free radicals that threaten prostate health down the road.

Here’s the important part… the lycopene in Prostadyne is completely protected with a unique Capsule-in-Capsule technology you learned about a moment ago.

Without this special technology - the benefits of lycopene would be diluted (and even destroyed by SawPalmetto) before it could reach your prostate!

Olive Oil or genuine saw palmetto oil, must stay separate from other nutrients until it reaches your digestive tract. If it doesn’t, then the fatty acids in it can ruin the effects of other critical prostate nutrients - and therefore reduce the potency of the product.

Pumpkin Seed Extract has also been shown to support men who have nagging prostate symptoms.

8. It includes O2B Peroxidation Blocking...

This technology took years and a ton of R&D to master.

Men know that natural and organic solutions are often best.

Unfortunately, those options spoil and lose potency very quickly... (Think about a banana sitting on your counter).

Now, listen to this:

Most companies use preservatives that may not be good for your health.

O2B is WAY better.

It uses highly concentrated and easily dissolvable antioxidants to extend the shelf life.

This means every capsule is fresh and does not contain the preservatives many health-conscious consumers are trying to avoid.

9. It’s proudly grown and manufactured in the USA...

We call it berry-to-belly.

Unfortunately there is a lot of counterfeit and adulterated Saw Palmetto coming from China and India being used in other supplements...

Which is crazy, because the plant can’t even grow successfully over there...

But it can grow successfully in the USA.

So you can be certain you’re getting a legitimate source of Saw Palmetto in Prostadyne.



We asked Mike, “How is Prostadyne able to provide relief when so many other prostate pills fail?"

He laughed and said, "Many supplement sellers try to get away with the absolute minimum so they can maximize profit margins. They want it to work, but they don’t really care if it doesn’t. So they are fine using cheap, ineffective ingredients and/or ineffective amounts."

He adds, “We have a different mentality at ASR, which is why Prostadyne is different. It’s way better. I’m proud to say it’s awesome enough to give to my dad and our customers.”

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Many prostate supplements require you to take 2 - 4 pills per day or more.  

It’s annoying to say the least…

And downright painful for anyone who struggles to swallow them. 

Therefore we made sure Prostadyne gives you the clinical dose in 1 easy to swallow pill per day. 

With this breakthrough pill, the relief has been tested and confirmed through multiple clinical trials... 

No cheap fillers or adulterated powders...  

No wondering if the product contains fake oils or if the ingredients came from China… 

Simply one easy to swallow capsule-in-capsule pill for powerful relief. 

Now, you’re probably wondering how much Prostadyne costs... 

I’ll tell you in just a moment. 

But first it’s important you know that stock is limited and there’s a good chance we will run out in the coming weeks… 


Because I had no idea just how popular this supplement would be when we first released it to the masses!  

That’s why...

If you order a three-month supply of Prostadyne today, then it's yours right now for just $39 per bottle… plus FREE gifts… Here’s what you get:

Free Gift #1: A Massive total discount of $134.87!

Free Gift #2: A report called "7 Popular Foods That Boost Your Drive - And 3 Surprising Foods That Can Make You Limp!" ($19.95 value)

In this report you’ll discover that what you eat BEFORE being intimate can give you energy and endurance...And what you eat AFTER can get you ready and raring to go for more…

There are also little-known, surprising foods that can WIPE OUT your desire...endurance...and performance.

Bottom line: In this special report you’ll discover how to turn your foods into an awesome bedroom asset.

You’ll also learn about…

  • A bedroom boost for men and women! This food can increase blood circulation where you need it most. Add this booster to your dinner plate and enjoy some fireworks tonight!
  • Forget the Unnatural Libido Enhancement — grab a juicy slice of this before you head to the bedroom! Researchers now show you get a boost of nitric oxide levels to open blood vessels and no nasty side effects!
  • The “king of libido” hoax! Avoid this shellfish like the plague! It does not. boost libido like many think it will.

FREE Gift #3: FREE Shipping & Handling ($8.95 Value)

FREE Gift #4: A Special Donation to Help Our Veterans and Active Duty Military

ASR was founded by disabled veterans. Their goal is for it to be a force for good in the world by giving to top-rated charities. In particular, they have focused on helping veterans' spouses and kids who have lost a loved one in service to our country.

They chose to honor this goal by supporting:

Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund and Children of Fallen Patriots.

So, when you order Prostadyne, the team at ASR commits to donating a portion of the proceeds to this awesome charity.

And If You Buy 6 Bottles, We’ll Throw In Even More…All 6 Bottle Offers Include:

Free Gifts 1 - 4 above PLUS...

Free Gift #5: A Total Discount of $365.70 and the cheapest per bottle price we offer anywhere!

Free Gift #6: You get the special report, “Your PSA is High - Now What?” ($19.95 value)

You may not know anything about your PSA until you see your results.

There’s a lot of mis-information about PSA tests. This special report will give it to you straight in simple to understand English!

You’ll discover...

  • Get the real story on routine screening
  • What’s normal — what’s not? Simple chart gives you quick answers!
  • Don’t panic! Discover the difference between “false-positive” and “false negative” results!
  • What every man must know to make the right, personal decision for you! Remember: Knowledge is POWER!

Free Gift #7: Boston urologist reveals, “The Truth about Saw Palmetto and other Prostate Nutrients: What Every Man MUST Know to keep his MOJO!” — a $19.95 value, yours FREE!

Prostate issues can severely decrease your quality of life after age 50. So knowing your options can give you years of healthy and happy living!

In this special report — you’ll get the TRUTH and debunk the MYTHS about bona fide prostate-health nutrients!

Plus you’ll see the scientific evidence that tells you what works and what to stay clear from! For example…

  • A 2013 Russian study showed men taking this popular prostate nutrient experienced 10 years of good prostate health!
  • Learn what we figured out when we tested over 70 popular prostate products! It is not hard to get hoodwinked in this space!












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