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Thank you for your interest in OxiTrim!

The science behind this product is fantastic and we’ve been getting amazing feedback from people across the country on how well it’s working for them. Unlike many weight loss supplements out there, OxiTrim does not contain dangerous ingredients and potentially harmful stimulants.

The first piece of information you may find helpful is the study done on the two big metabolism boosters in OxiTrim: Sphaeranthus Indicus and Garcinia Mangostana (note: this is different than Garcinia Cambogia).

This study was not sponsored by our company. It was actually performed by scientists at the University of California Davis.

You can download the study here.

The study is a bit technical, but we’ve found the people interested in OxiTrim are savvy, well-educated and able to glean the information they’re looking for.

Astonishingly, the ingredients found in OxiTrim helped participants in the study lose almost 4x the amount of weight as those taking a placebo!  That's huge!

OxiTrim includes 3 other powerful ingredients designed to help you lose weight.

The first is vitamin D3. Our research team found that vitamin D3 can provide a significant boost in weight loss for people who are vitamin D deficient (many people over 50 are vitamin D deficient). WebMD has a great synopsis of a popular vitamin D study here.

The next ingredient is Turmeric. Turmeric contains an antioxidant called curcumin. Researchers believe Curcumin has quite a few potential benefits. Those related to weight loss are due it’s believed ability to improve resistance, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, and other inflammatory symptoms associated with obesity and metabolic disorders. They also believe it may be able to reduce the formation of fat tissue by suppressing the blood vessels needed to form it.

Last, OxiTrim contains black pepper extract. This ingredient is very important because it boosts the efficacy of all the other ingredients! It does this by boosting absorption. Too often supplement ingredients are simply passed through the digestive system without any benefit. Black pepper extract helps avoid this, and it allows you to get the maximum weight loss benefit from this supplement.

Let us know if you have further questions or if there is anything we can do to help!


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