The basic perks of Prostavex™

  • Exciting New Ingredient Awarded Two US Patents
  • Pharmaceutical-Grade Relief Plus A Boost In Sexual Performance
  • Recommended by Top Doctors


The basic perks of Prostavex™

  • Exciting New Ingredient Awarded Two US Patents
  • Pharmaceutical-Grade Relief Plus A Boost In Sexual Performance
  • Recommended by Top Doctors
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New $2 Pill From Europe Replaces
Erection-Killing Prostate Drugs


New Pill Delivers Prostate Relief And Sexual Performance: Clinical testing shows the active ingredient found in the new pill delivers similar relief as popular drugs, but with one BIG improvement: a boost in erection quality…not a drop in sex drive and performance like many men experience when taking existing prostate drugs.


Men across the country are rushing to switch to a very exciting new prostate pill. The pill has earned a reputation for delivering impressive relief from urinary troubles and men are sleeping better.

But the reason they’re switching in such large numbers has to do with another benefit – a boost in sex drive and performance.

Men who suffer from a swollen prostate are usually forced to choose between natural remedies and prescription drugs. This is a problem because natural remedies often deliver limited relief, and the drugs come with some common nasty side-effects like impotence and no sex-drive.

Until now that is. The new pill is called Prostavex™, and it delivers the best of both worlds – i.e. it’s highly effective at easing prostate symptoms, but doesn’t have the nasty side effects. In fact, trials show what users already know - it actually boosts sexual performance!

Mike McNeil, the company’s head of R&D says, “The active ingredient has been used as popular prescription drug in Europe for years. However, because of how safe it is, it does not require a prescription in the U.S. Men no longer have to choose between getting relief and having a sex life…now they can have both!”


Exciting New Ingredient Awarded Two US Patents

Men are also getting such impressive relief because the ingredients in Prostavex™ are unlike any other pill on the market.

First, Prostavex™ uses the only patented form of the ingredient that matches what European men use to get relief (US patents - #6,669,968 and #6,319,524). The ingredient is patented because they use a proprietary chemical-free CO2 extraction process. This allows them to extract key compounds and micro nutrients other manufacturers cannot.

The patented ingredient is paired with two other powerful BPH-fighting compounds. The first is one of the most potent prostate-shrinking agents available. The second is a proven prostate relief compound with numerous clinical trials backing it.

Mc Neill adds, “These ingredients are very unique and extremely effective. Men are getting fantastic results without the negative sexual side effects!"


Pharmaceutical-Grade Relief Plus A Boost In Sexual Performance

Over 84 clinical trials confirm the efficacy of the active ingredients found in Prostavex™. In a particularly interesting clinical trial done by top German doctors, one of the compounds used in Prostavex™ went head to head against a popular prescription prostate medication.

Men in this study experienced impressive relief from both options. They reported…

  • Dramatic reduction in the frequency of nighttime urination
  • Max Urine Flow Rate increased significantly
  • Major improvement their International Prostate Symptom (IPS) Score

However, the men taking the active ingredient found in Prostavex™ were able to avoid a very unattractive side effects – an inability to perform sexually and erectile dysfunction.

McNeill shed some light on this issue. “Men who take prostate drugs often get relief at the expense of being able to perform sexually. The opposite is true for men who take the active ingredients found in Prostavex™.

“They actually get a boost in sexual performance. This is because the active ingredients work through very different mechanisms than pharmaceuticals.”


How It Works

Scientist believe the active ingredients in Prostavex™ have two powerful mechanisms for improving prostate symptoms. First, they balance out oxidative fatty acids that cause unhealthy and abnormal cell growth. Second, they block the enzyme that makes the prostate swell.

As previously mentioned, one of the extracts used in Prostavex™ is so effective it’s a regulated prostate prescription medication in Europe. It’s so popular that over 400 metric tons (roughly 80% of the available supply) are shipped to Europe every year.

Doctors actually prefer it as a first line of therapy for men because it doesn’t have the same negative side effects as common drug options.


Recommended by Top Doctors

Prostavex™ is great for helping urinary issues, but it can actually do more. A healthy prostate is critical for a robust sex life. Improving nagging prostate symptoms can also boost libido and help with stronger erections,” said Dr. G. Pereira, a renowned surgeon in Florida.

Dr. Jacob Moss says, “I recommend Prostavex™ if you’re struggling with frequent nighttime bathroom visits, painful urination or always feeling like you have a full bladder. The science behind the active ingredient is fantastic. It is a great way for men to get results without negative side effects.”

Dr. Laguna-Bedia, a specialist in internal medicine notes, “Many men don’t realize it, but a swollen prostate can cause back, pelvis and groin pain. Prostavex™ can help if you've got a pesky prostate and these symptoms.”


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